B.J. Bernstein has provided legal commentary for many national media outlets on the legal issues both civil and criminal.  She has guided her clients through the maze of media inquiries when a case becomes part of the public discussion.

Her appearances have included ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show; CBS Early Show; ABC’s Prime Time Live; MSNBC, CNN; CNN International; FOX News; COURT TV and NBC Nightly News.

B.J. strives to inform the public in a clear way what the law is and how it applies.

She has guided her clients when their case becomes the object of media glare. Her inside knowledge of the news business from her frequent appearance makes her uniquely able to advise clients on what to do when the tv cameras appear.  She has learned when media is helpful to highlight a true injustice. She has also sought to protect clients when law enforcement via the media attempts to convict a client long before trial. She is vigilant that whatever the situation the client comes first and all necessary ethical means are employed to assure a fair trial.